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I had a long, dreamless sleep last night. I woke up early, at 4:53am. I could've used that time severely constructively, but something kept telling me to lay back down and sleep. So I did. Now I understand why, and am glad I listened.

I can't recall much about the beginning. Mainly the middle and end. I was in a school lunch room, and days had gone by. There was a lot of confusion, as I kept ending up missing class or getting bad grades. A week of this passed by. I saw a guy walk by. He looked sorta like one guy in my computer class, only pimple-less and had a white name floating over him. I said I know him from somewhere to him, and he looked at me for a few seconds, then mentioned two programs. I said "Yeah!" to whatever the second program was. I then asked the lunch lady when class was. She said third period, right after lunch. The lunch room itself was odd.. I didn't notice any tables, the lunch counters with the cook ladies were at the front pointing outwards, and there were some black spiral stairways. I was then at a home. It was not my home, but it had some similarities. I looked across the hall, and there was Jessica. My stepdad said she had just arrived. I ran to her, climbed over the furniture in the way, leaped, and we both fell as I kissed her in front of my stepdad and whoever else was there. After that, I got up and looked around a bit. I looked back, and Jessica was gone. I asked where Jessica was, and my stepdad said she had to leave. I ran outside, and it was night.. and very dark. There was a truck at a small dirt driveway about 10 feet from the porch, somewhat lit. I said "She could not have left that fast.." and my stepdad just replied with "Maybe she was in a hurry?" and started jogging around the truck as if to look for her. As he halfway made it past the truck, his clothes disappeared. He ran around naked, seeming to not notice. He was then running up the stairway outside up the wood stairway outside up the patio to a overlook. He started walking down the wood walkway which seemed to serve no purpose and there were two others that came up too. Both naked, one being the guy from the lunch room. I was then naked too. I asked "Why would they want us out here?" and he replied with "Well, they think that's why we're so power- something or other, and *switches voice to imitate explaining old man* that that's what make us so evil." At this point, it's obvious we're speaking of aliens. I looked out, and I think we organized ourselves to face inward and be four as a box, one at each direction. I looked out over the walkway, then looked up at the sky. Oddly dark, with stars, the moon... and a red shining star. Mars. It was closer, too.. I could almost make out the individual craters. It shined so bright in the dark...

I then screamed "LET ME ABSORB THE POWER OF MARS!!" I'm not sure if I screamed it once or twice, although I think twice, but I know I screamed it as loud as possible and my voice was more mature.. more older, sorta like Harry Potter in the movie performing Expecto Patronum. I paused for only a second, as my voice echoed consistently. I then quickly looked back at the ground over a railway at the ground.. and I saw a huge half-circle of red blurry energy representing what would seem to be what the moon would be like if it were red, looked like Mars, and reflected off the ground in abnormal huge powerful waves of energy.

Right after that, I woke up. I think this dream is very symbolic.. something very significant about my scream. And now I must go to school. I am glad I decided to type this now, rather than wait when I could end up forgetting more details... I'd like to have that dream every night to try and understand it better.
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