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 Holy shit. Okay, this weekend may be more busy than most other weekends have been for me. For starters, I'm going over to Danielle's tonight(not sure if staying the night will be happening or not) and my hair may finally be dyed. Sarah IM'd me saying Courtney her and myself should meet up sometime, so we may end up doing that this weekend. Along with that, I'm hoping to meet up with Kath and Michael, assuming it works out. Today I spent four and a half hours going around Asheville stores looking at glasses.. I was forced to go with ones that worked for my mom's insurance to where they'd pay for it, so.. meh, I probably wouldn't be happy with glasses no matter what. I'll get them on Monday, and I'll only ever wear them when I am driving. I also went to a place called Migun that my mom recommended I try out, with these tables with weird light things that massage you and all sorts of other strange things.. to say the least, I'm glad I tried it, because it was incredibly relaxing and I felt very.. powerful afterwards. Like I could do anything. I want to go there more often, and I recommend other people try it out too - it's just so relaxing that it's not funny. Here's the website:

I'm really excited about this weekend. Not much else to type.. excitement. I replaced my myspace profile song of Imogen Heap with DJ Sharpnel's Torinouta, one of the best hardcore techno songs ever mixed.


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