Sep. 8th, 2006

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I have a very high urge to draw furries, but before I do that I need to go over what happened yesterday and today. Well, I don't need to, per-se, but it's practically tradition for me.

Yesterday I had stayed up the previous night all night to do my art homework.. the coloring, as you see in my previous entry, just didn't go well with crayons. Staying up all night would have a drastic effect on me, but not until after school. Anyways, 6:15 came and I got my alarm off on the first buzz. I couldn't find anything to eat for breakfast(hot pockets were all gone) so I was having to deal with no food. Having not really eaten at all the previous day, I was pretty damn hungry.. but water at least helped dillude it. Despite this, however.. I went to the bus stop at the usual time(6:55), and the middle schooler wasn't there. Neither were the two at the curb not far from mine. My bus had come early, I guessed, so I had to wait for the bus I'm supposed to ride, bus 39. It took twenty minutes, and then another ten to get to school.

I rushed to the Algebra II class, got my test, and finished it. Most of the remaining questions weren't hard - they just took a little time. There's one I'm kind of doubtful of, but for the most part I'm pretty confident that test wasn't terrible at least. It took me well into homeroom time, though, so I didn't get to see Michael that morning. I got to my homeroom and as I handed the note to the homeroom teacher for her to make an excuse note for my teachers, the woman who asked if Erin was my girlfriend some time back recalled the event to me and asked if I was serious about my being gay. I said I was and that I am, and she was a little surprised but said "Oh, that's cool." A woman jumped in front of her(think she was one of the people Kenzie introduced me to back when I first went to the school) and said that she thought it was cool that I was straightforward about it and just said it, but that there was no way I was gay. Well, she's allowed to think whatever she wants.

The guy sitting behind me(damn it I need to remember his NAME) told me about the rumors with the whole guy bringing a gun to school and when I said yeah, that was me, he said he knew and he took out a recorder with a small output speaker. He apparently recorded some conversations about me and bringing a gun to school and why I would and stuff and laughed and let me listen to it. I didn't listen to a whole lot, since the bell rang pretty quickly, but what I heard was pretty funny. I wish I could remember specifically what some people said so I could type it on here, but I can't recall for the life of me. Still, it was pretty funny.

In World History, I got the work I needed to make up and we all worked on stuff. I asked the teacher about the german words, and I wrote one down, the one she used before. She couldn't decide if it was spelled Tchuss or Tschu(insert weird-looking B here), but now I know what it really looks like and now yall at least know too. She then tossed some other german words at me in glee, like.. uh, whatever fantastic is in German, along with other things. It made me grin because she likes to count to 20 in German and it reminds me of Mila.

Algebra II was... WEEEEEEE! *hardcore rave music has started playing* I.. uh.. can't bring myself to remember what happened in there. Oh yeah, that's because not much happened in there at all. We went to a new lesson and learned some of it, but only had half of class because Juniors had to go for the last half for "SELL MAGAZINES OMG" meeting in the auditorium. I sat with Kam, Erin, and Tiffany(totally different people all next to each other and conversing.. very interesting). I just kinda phased out most of the video, though the kid(couldn't have been older than 10) advertised it and started doing this.. rap video and.. I started wimpering with Kam and Tiffany and said "Wow, this really makes me want to step up(a phrase he used a lot for magazine selling)!" It was boring, and I swore up and down that I'd burn the magazine and the selling kit and stuff. I shall, too.. as soon as I figure out how to without being attacked by my neighbors. Anyways, that ended, and I was walking to Art II to drop off my backpack when Shawn walked to me and told me she slapped him and to ask her why, and then ran off. I walked up to Meredith in the hallway on the way to Art II and said loudly "MEREDITH WHY DID YOU MOLEST SHAWN?" and kept asking her while she denied it while we dropped off our bookbags until Mrs. Ramsey freaked out a little and told us to take the conversation outside.

So I get my lunch and sit down in the circle and continue to joking tell off Meredith for molesting Shawn very loudly. Of course I get knocked back when I was attacked back for masturbating in school and to save it for home(remember the whole red juice getting all over my hands that one day? yeah) and it was pretty funny. I was asked why I wasn't there yesterday, and I talked about how it wasn't the monster burger that did it, but the red beans and rice and to stay far away from them. Art II was painful with trying to catch up. I don't have any way to obviously catch up with them at home, so I had to kind of try to catch up in class. Obviously I'm still behind even now, but hopefully I'll get back in the groove.

I missed Michael on the way to English III unfortunately, but I still saw him later. English III was a real bitch. We were reading a story, and I was there for the first third.. they read the second third when I was gone, so I rushed and tried to catch up to them, reading both the second third and the final third AND do the worksheets all at once.. didn't work, and I think I failed the story test. She wouldn't permit I catch up. Rawr. Screw Schmidt.. the rest of it was the normal bore with me having much work to make up later. Nothing much happened there. Meredith said she'd meet me at the doorway, but when I went there she wasn't there, so I just pushed on after a few seconds(her classroom's literally next to the doorway, so the only way she couldn't be there is if she ran off) and met with Michael.

We walked to the Anime Club and met with Danielle and Kath. Michael and Danielle down at one end of a table, and I sat down diagonal from Michael on the other side next to Kam. I helped Danielle out with installing a video player on Mr. Spisak's laptop, and then we started the anime. I had trouble reading the lines due to the projector and sink and Kam in the way, so I moved to the end of the table(totally not to be closer to Michael, nope, definitely not... XD) and could see somewhat better. I talked to Michael and Kath as well as watched it.. it seemed really random for a while. Kath said that she came because she knew Danielle was there, and thus Michael was there, thus I was there, and she said that since her three friends were there she'd be there too. I just said that Danielle wanted me to come, and didn't say that it was also because Michael was there(though that might've helped hint something.. then again Danielle took care of that.. you'll see).

Michael for a while had his legs up against the desk since the poodle was about.. he really dislikes poodles thanks to bad previous encounters with poodles. Danielle was sitting on the desk behind and people moved around a bit and Danielle ushered me to sit down where she pointed so we'd be closer together(all of us, that is), which of course led to me being next to Michael while we were kind of watching the anime and seeing really odd scenes while talking about stuff like computers and other things. At one point in the anime a girl hugged a guy and the guy turned into a cat, and it was revealed that these three guys turn into animals if someone of the opposite sex hugged them or something, and when I asked about why just opposite that Danielle was just "Nope.. that's just how it works, for just opposite sex. So it'd be perfect for you.. and Michael... *grin*" Michael said he was lost, and I was just laughing and said it was probably for the best.

He laid on the floor at one point(pretty much everyone was moving around) and there was this fly flying around.. it landed next to his foot, and he stomped on it like three/four times.. we were somewhat certain it was dead after the fourth, but I guess not, because later on a fly was going all over the place and the corpse was gone. We were mystified by the zombie-fly. Somewhat near the end of the anime club time, Danielle started combing Michael's hair.. and then she got a band thing and gave Michael a pony tail.. he still had his side hair and I had to really, really, really struggle to not say how god damn cute he looked. In both the "Aww teddy bear hug!" way and "God DAMN man!" cute.. seriously, it was fucking crazy and I just told myself out loud a few times "Not.. going to say.. anything" while grinning. Kathy told me twice to just say it, but I didn't.

Danielle asked me to get her small backpack, and when I got up I kinda tripped over my chair on the way to get it. She took it out eventually, we all got ready to go and she finished combing his hair. On the way out, Danielle told me if I threw her in the concrete or did anything she'd break my balls, and I told her I didn't plan to. Michael and myself were talking of his computer as we walked out of the school, and Danielle/Kathy's cars were waiting for them so they left pretty quickly. So Michael and I were talking about stuff and I was describing my mom's jeep when it drove up. It was actually on time for once. There's a catch, of course - my mom's boyfriend was driving, not her, so there wasn't a chance for her to procrastinate. I told him yep, that was it, my mom got out and greeted me, and started working on getting the back seat set up.. her boyfriend, Krishna turned around and was trying to help from the front seat, and slammed his foot down on the gas, so there was this massive revving going on thanks to the gear being in park which scared the hell out of me.

We set it up, and I said bye to Michael. Shawn was sitting at a bench waaaaay across the school and was calling for me, so I ran to him really fast. He asked if my mom was here, and when I said yeah, he said nevermind and let me go. -_-; I ran back and Michael was in his dad's jeep which was there when we got there(his dad wasn't there). I wanted to run up and say bye to him again, but I didn't and just got in the blue jeep. I told my mom that was Michael, and she said she guessed as much. I talked about anime club a bit and Michael, and my mom said they should've just renamed it to Japan club.

After we got home, my mom and I ran off to Sam's.. I picked out some food there. All the while, I was VERY sleepy and tired and hungry, so my legs were starting to give out on me and occasionally I almost collapsed in the store. Unfortunately she didn't have money on her nor checks(she used her last one) and the card she had they didn't take.. so we just went home empty-handed and my mom ranting, and as soon as I got home I fell asleep in the bed and stayed asleep until 4 am the next morning. That's where today begins, and I'm leaving that for tomorrow.. this is long enough as it is and I need sleep! More things than that happened in Anime Club, but my mind's fuzzy and I can't remember all the details because I'm very sleepy.

But despite that day being crappy, because I got to be around Michael for an hour and a half in Anime Club I still considered it a good day and it kept my mood up the entire time. That makes me immensely happy. I wish I could tell him.. =/


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