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Alright, I'm still in not much of a better mood thanks to that son of a bitch who killed the kitten in my previous post, but I'm going to type what happened anyways. Yesterday, at 8, my stepdad asked me if I wanted to come with them to get food at KFC and pick out a new TV at Wal-Mart. The current TV in the living room was having some serious issues, with no sound output and almost none of the ports in the back working, so the thought of being able to convince them to get an HDTV and play the 360 on it got a hold on me and I quickly agreed. I've seen my sister's boyfriend come over several times now, and while he really pisses me off by calling all the time(even at midnight/1 am) to talk to Sam, he's a good kid in person. He's 10 also, blonde with very short hair, and often seems to wear a football shirt with a random number on it. However, unlike some other rowdy football-goers, he's quiet and calm.. he's like the total opposite of my sister. My sister pretty much has complete control over him. If she wants to go somewhere, he wants to go. If she decides she's going to go play outside, he follows her. She occasionally asks him to do things(rather rudely, might I add) like pick up her stuff.. I don't like what my sister's becoming.

Anyways, he was there too. We first drove to the mall because my stepdad lost his cell phone a few days ago and needed a new one and didn't tell me. So I didn't bring my arcade coins.. however, my stepdad gave me two dollars, so while he was buying a phone me, my sister and her boyfriend(quiet if the grammar's wrong on that.. I never get those things right) went to the arcade in the mall. At this time, it was.. 8:40, I think, so the arcade wasn't to stay open long. I'm tired of saying her boyfriend, so now he'll be referred to by his name, Josh. I gave Samantha a dollar for her and Josh to use for coins on whatver, and I used the other dollar to get coins. Unfortunately the DDR machine was down for maintenance, but In The Groove 2 was up, so I waited for the two women to finish their game. They looked about a year younger than me. One was on easy(and kept getting 0% even though it looked like she tried and should've gotten waaaay more.. odd..) and the other was on medium and did pretty well. Then she switched to Robotix at hard and failed. Rofflecopter. After they played, I put in two coins and quickly started up with hard on one song. I immediately noticed that the buttons were indeed okay with sensitivity, but were not lowered at all.. which ended up with me hitting metal instead of actual arrows occasionally. After my second song, I was asked by the one that did medium how long I've been playing and if I have it at home, to which I replied I've been playing for about 3 1/2 months-4 months-ish and have it on the PC and on the xbox.

I then decided to challenge myself with something more interesting. I Picked Monolith on Hard. Right before I started the second song, a mexican woman started watching me from the glass wall right next to it. As I was doing the third song, I got a glimpse of the shock on her face. >_> Unfortunately, while I could sort of keep up with the song my feet kept going so far that they'd hit the metal and I'd never realize it, so I ended up failing it. It was still really fun. After that, I rushed because I knew they were about to close and wanted to try double. I failed the first song on medium.. bleh.. but I've only played twice before on double, so meh. Then I and my sister/Josh were ushered out. We walked back and they bought a phone a bit later. Then after leaving we stopped by McDonalds instead of KFC(my stepdad's wife told him time was short and to do McDonalds instead since it was faster). I got a grilled BLT sandwich that... surprisingly, wasn't half bad for McDonalds. They also had Powerade for a drink.. which was also awesome. They had a bar-like thing too, which just added to the cool-ness. So, McDonalds has improved a bit. Oh, and the fries taste better too. Still, doesn't mean the food is any good for anyone.

I finished my food somewhat quickly, but my stepdad got into a long conversation with his wife, so we still were there a little while. Right before we left... I forgot his name. Matt? From my Biology class said hi, and I asked what he was doing there. He asked what I was doing here, adding along "Surely not to eat here!" in which my stepdad replied "Oh yeah, he does occasionally eat, despite how he looks!" and such. I talked about how we were going to go to Wal-Mart, and we talked about getting a 58" plasma HDTV. He mentioned that there was a play called Beauty and the Beast at school tomorrow(today) at 2 and if I wanted I should come. I said sure, and we bid each other farewell. His hair was a little longer, which was pretty cool. He recognized me very quickly, which is surprising. But my hair is starting to cover my eyes again, so I suppose it's getting more easy to recognize me. It was neat to see him again. It's always fun to run by people from High School on chance events. We went to Wal-Mart, and got a 27" HDTV that was $348. Very nice price, very good quality. Unfortunately, my stepdad's wife is fucking ignorant and said no video games could be plugged into it because the 360 destroyed the other TV. It wasn't the 360, the damn TV sucked in the first place and its backboard was loose, I explained. My stepdad joined in with me, but nah, she wouldn't have it. And so my stepdad let her walk all over us and have her way. He has been suddenly letting her walk all over everyone as of late.. starting to be just like my biological dad is with his wife, letting her have control over what he does/thinks even though he knows he's right.. though maybe that could finally put him in his place and stop thinking he's perfect.. rawr..

That sucker was heavy, and barely fits in the entertainment center, but was worth it. I plugged the 360 into it at some point during the night while they slept anyways, because I know I'm right in this case and what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Video games do NOT damage TVs in ANY way. But I won't rant a lot on it. It is beautiful on it. Being as it replaced the TV before it in the living room, the TV was moved to my room to replace the tiny TV. After smacking it a few times, all of the sudden the entire thing works. Sound comes out, the ports in the back work, it's as if nothing ever happened to it. So, it worked out in the end for me anyways, since I can still play games on there.

Today I've been in a very long trance state... I'm also extremely depressed. Nothing worth doing. Nothing at all. Feels like there's no reason to do anything. Driving me crazy.


Oh my god update! I went to Wal-Mart at 10 to get my mom a mothers day gift, and my stepdad said it'd be a good opportunity for me to get some new clothes. Most clothes were very big for me and sucked, but some were okay/pretty good, if a little big. One shirt I picked out looked REALLY tight, but gray and.. I just wanted to get it. I just tried it on. Best shirt ever. It's one of my favorite shirts now. It's VERY tight, but it feels so comfortable and cool.. it's like a glove on my chest, almost feels like I'm not wearing a shirt at all. Not some slab of cotton hanging on me, but an extension of myself. It makes me look so skinny.. which I am. :D The sleeves are just a little loose, but I love this shirt. I'd get a full body shot of myself or two to show just what I mean, but I can't.. stupid webcam. So here's 7 pics that are the best I can do. I look tired in them, but it's 3:46 am.. what do you expect? o.O

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